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About Us

The Rabbinical Council of America was established in 1935, to advance the cause and the voice of Torah and the rabbinic tradition by promoting the welfare, interests, and professionalism of Orthodox rabbis all around the world. During the past 80 years, the RCA has been in the forefront of many issues, movements, ideas, and initiatives intended to enhance the status and impact of the many facets of Torah on Jewish life in its interactions with the world around it.

The RCA includes rabbis who have been ordained by many dozens of yeshivot and prominent rabbinic personalities. During its many decades, it has been led by outstanding rabbinic personalities. Most notable and distinguished was the late Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, guiding spirit and mentor to the RCA until his death in 1993. The RCA has been an important partner with many Jewish organizations, including Yeshiva University and RIETS in New York, Hebrew Theological College in Chicago, The Beth Din of America, The Orthodox Union (of which it is the rabbinic authority), The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, various Israeli governmental agencies and offices, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the Religious Zionists of America, the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Welfare Board, the Memorial Foundation, and a variety of rabbinic groups and organizations, including Chief Rabbinates, all around the world.

Membership in the RCA is held by more than 1000 ordained rabbis, spread throughout 14 countries. These include congregational rabbis, teachers and academicians, military chaplains, health-care chaplains, organizational professionals, and others. A special RCA region with a central office in Jerusalem is located in Israel. It publishes important Torah and intellectual journals, holds annual conventions and conferences, and issues occasional position papers and statements on the issues of the day.

Click here to download the RCA constitution.

In servicing the Orthodox rabbinate, the RCA provides numerous services, including placement services, counseling and mentoring services for rabbis, continuing rabbinic education courses, multiple list-servs and group email communications, extensive on-line resources (under development), special convention learning sessions, occasional yemei iyyun, weekly homiletic materials mailings, members' pension plans, Beth Din-related services, cemetery purchases in Israel, a variety of rabbinic texts and resources used by rabbis in the course of their work.

President: Rabbi Shalom Baum
Honorary President: Rabbi Leonard Matanky
First Vice President: Rabbi Elazar Muskin
Vice President, Midwest: Rabbi Howard Zack
Vice President, Northeast: Rabbi Daniel Korobkin
Vice President, Southeast: Rabbi Tsvi Schur
Vice President, West Coast: Rabbi Kalman Topp
Financial Secretary: Rabbi Arie Folger
Recording Secretary: Rabbi Shmuel Silber 
Treasurer: Rabbi Binyamin Blau

Rabbi Mark Dratch, Executive Vice President
Rabbi Basil Herring, Editor-in-Chief, RCA Publications
Rabbi Barry Kornblau, Director of Member Services
Rabbi Reuven Tradburks, Representative in Israel
Rabbi Michael Zylberman, Administrator, Regional Courts for Conversion
Shaul Hen, Director of Operations
Marilyn Amar, Executive Assistant
Dov Levine, Controller

Executive Committee
Rabbi Hanan Balk
Rabbi Gedalyah Berger
Rabbi Jack Bieler
Rabbi Nasanayl Braun
Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin
Rabbi Steven Burg
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner
Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Rabbi Michael Davies
Rabbi Ira Ebbin
Rabbi Zvi Engel
Rabbi Ephraim Epstein
Rabbi David Fine
Rabbi Joel Finkelstein
Rabbi Dov Fischer
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Rabbi Zev Goldberg
Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
Rabbi Stuart Grant
Rabbi Jonathan Gross
Rabbi Yonah Gross
Rabbi Jerold Isenberg
Rabbi Wesley Kalmar
Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen
Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
Rabbi Doniel Kramer
Rabbi Elly Krimsky
Rabbi Aaron Liebtag
Rabbi Chaim Marder
Rabbi Yechiel Morris
Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer
Rabbi Ari Perl
Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky
Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin
Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser
Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz
Rabbi Yechiel Shaffer
Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
Rabbi Adam Starr
Rabbi Chaim Strauchler
Rabbi Gil Student
Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz
Rabbi Brahm Weinberg
Rabbi Elie Weinstock
Rabbi Elie Weissman
Rabbi Michael Whitman
Rabbi Mark Wildes
Rabbi Howard Wolk
Rabbi Eli Zwickler  

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