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Eligible Semichas:
Those with at least a Yoreh Yoreh semicha (or, if a particular masmich does not grant Yoreh Yoreh, then "Rav U'moreh Hora'ah" or some equivalent indicating fitness to give hora'ah) from the following approved institutional and private masmichim are eligible to apply for membership in the RCA: A final year semicha student at an approved institution may also apply for RCA membership. As indicated on the application form, such a student should remit $125 to cover first-year membership dues by regular mail, or by contacting the office with credit card information.

Upon receipt of a completed application, our Semicha Standards Committee may choose to review semichot other than those listed here, as well; please contact us for further details.

Membership Documents:
Application Form:

The RCA Membership Application Form can be filled in electronically and emailed to RCA office office@rabbis.org. It can also be printed out and sent to us by fax or mail. As you do so, please note that we will consider your application for approval only after receiving the other required documents listed on page 3 of the application, as well.