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Changes at the Journal Tradition
RCA Announces New Policies and Personnel at the Journal Tradition
News Headlines
Feb 4, 2005 -- Rabbi Basil Herring, Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Council of America, has announced a sweeping reorganization of the prestigious journal of Orthodox Jewish thought "Tradition."

A new editor, Rabbi Shalom Carmy, has assumed stewardship of the Journal, with a view to expanding its reach and depth. Rabbi Carmy is a highly respected and admired Torah scholar, intellectual, writer, and teacher, dealing with the full spectrum of issues confronting the thinking Jew. Under his leadership, new sections and features will be added, a revised Executive Committee will function, and new editorial policies as well as personnel have been put in place over the
last several months.

In a related development, the journal will also be published in an online Internet format. This edition will allow for a vastly wider readership, as well as a dynamic exchange of online discussion and debate of issues raised in the pages of Tradition and elsewhere. The online version will feature selected articles from Tradition archives. The Online editor of Tradition will be Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff.

These developments are part of a larger program by which the RCA, long respected as a major voice of Orthodox Judaism, will become more assertive and proactive in dealing with the intellectual, religious, and social issues of the day, as seen from the viewpoints of Torah Judaism in their fullness, more needed today than ever.

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