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Standards of Conduct
A Proclamation Reinforcing the Importance of Standards of Conduct for Jewish Leaders
Policies Headlines
May 16, 2001 -- WHEREAS in the last few years there have been several allegations of improper behavior by leaders in Jewish organizations, given wide coverage in the media, and;

WHEREAS this behavior as alleged and reported is not in keeping with standards of halacha, with the ways of Torah and our tradition, nor in keeping with the norms of the society in which we live, and;

WHEREAS it is critical that the world - Jewish and otherwise - know that an adherence to Torah and Halacha will lead a person and an organization to the highest levels of decency and propriety and menchlichkeit, and;

WHEREAS it is critical that the world - Jewish and otherwise - know that Orthodox, halachik Jews will not tolerate Jewish public servants who abuse their power and desecrate the trust which we place in them to do their holy work (avodat hakodesh), and;

WHEREAS Jewish organizations must understand that they will be expected to ensure that those who work for them conform to the highest standards of Torah and Halacha in their conduct;


The membership of the Rabbinical Council of America will support efforts in Jewish organizations, beginning with our own, to set firm standards of conduct for their membership and employees, and will take the lead in making sure that our own members adhere to such standards. We will hold organizations responsible for carrying out the standards they establish and will let our views be known as individuals and as an organization if these standards are ignored or flaunted. Furthermore, the Rabbinical Council of America will assist any interested organization in establishing these standards of conduct, in accordance with Torah precepts. We will do our utmost to ensure that Orthodox organizations gain a reputation for menchlichkeit and strict adherence to moral and ethical standards that we espouse in our learning and our teaching.

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