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Tzioni Dati Educational System
Rabbinical Council of America Urges the Israeli Government's Continued Support of the Tzioni Dati Educational System
Policies Headlines
Sep 25, 2000 -- The Rabbinical Council of America views with profound concern and great apprehension, that in the wake of Prime Minister Barak's elimination of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the support of numerous Torani-Tzioni, religious Zionist institutions, including Yeshivot Hesder, Batei Ulpana and high schools will be jeopardized. The entire Israeli society and the Jewish community world-wide may suffer irreparable damage as a result of these actions. The Jewish character of Medinat Yisrael - the soul of our people - and religious Zionist education, which has been a source of inspiration, strength and loyalty to the State of Israel, stand to be weakened. In addition, thousands of Israelis will not be able to avail themselves of this education without these needed funds being available.

We ask that any such far-reaching discussions be conducted in frank and honest consultation and open dialogue with responsible representatives of Dati-Leumi community to ensure that the values which bind us all together - our faith, culture, people and homeland - continue to be transmitted to the next generation, as the founders of the State had envisioned.

The Rabbinical Council of America is the world's largest body of Orthodox Rabbis serving communities throughout the world with its headquarters in New York and Jerusualem.

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