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Vermont Supreme Court
Rabbinical Council of America Critical of Vermont Supreme Court’s Ruling Regarding Same-Sex Couple Recognition
Policies Headlines
Dec 21, 1999 -- The Rabbinical Council of America, the world's largest Orthodox rabbinical organization, is disappointed by the Supreme Court of Vermont's ruling stating that same-sex couples must be extended the same benefits and rights as traditionally married couples.

Rabbi Kenneth Hain, President of the RCA, commented "the Supreme Court of Vermont's ruling is indeed very disturbing. While the court stopped short of promoting same-sex marriage ceremonies, it did confirm a legitimacy upon this alternative lifestyle and relegated to it the same benefits granted traditionally married couples.

As Orthodox rabbis, we believe that the sacred status of marriage is solely applicable to the holy union of male and female. We regret that the Supreme Court of Vermont's judicial ruling has weakened this traditional definition."

The Rabbinical Council of America is the world's largest body of Orthodox Rabbis serving communities throughout the world with its headquarters in New York and Jerusalem.

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