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Genocide in Yugoslavia
Rabbis Asks The World Not to "Pass Over" Genocide in Yugoslavia
Policies Headlines
Mar 30, 1999 -- The Rabbinical Council of America, the largest organization of Orthodox rabbis in the world, calls on world leaders to respond to the continued acts of murder, violence, expulsion, and genocide conducted by the Milosevic regime in Yugoslavia. “We emphasize our outrage at this horrific slaughter which evokes that dark period in our own history 50 years ago,” stated Rabbi Jacob Rubenstein, President.

We appeal to the United Nations and to NATO to decisively and urgently respond to the innocent refugees. We strongly support the NATO airstrikes increasing the pressure on the Milosevic Regime to halt the murder and savagery. We stand in strong solidarity with, and pray for, the NATO forces and their allies, whose lives are being risked in the defense of the innocent and in the effort to end human rights violations.

We call upon the prosecutor of the UN War Crimes Tribunal to warn the Misolevic regime that it will be held responsible for genocide and any other crimes against humanity committed by their forces in Kosovo.

Rabbi Rubenstein concluded “As we celebrate Passover, our Festival of Freedom, we urge our congregations to remember the brutalities suffered by our people from slavery in Egypt to the Holocaust. We urge all to pray for an end to the slaughter and genocide. We pray that United States and allied forces return safely, and that all the people in the region shall be able to live in peace and security.”

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