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Political Advertising
Political Advertising
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Jan 6, 1999 -- Moved by our deeply felt love for our fellow Jews, our devotion to the unity of our people, and concern for the spiritual underpinnings and security of the State of Israel, we implore all Jews to recognize the collective Jewish responsibility to avoid misleading political advertizing concerning Israel, as well as economic and social pressure on the State of Israel. One should not proclaim a desire for Jewish unity, while issuing statements full of stereotyping and sweeping generalities. Currently there is no campaign by anyone to redefine "Who Is A Jew." The hallachic and traditional definition stands as it always has, the same one recognized by Ben Gurion which is referred to as the status quo. Jews - secular, traditional and observant - all realize that despite differences in practice and belief, they, along with all Jews world wide, comprise and single indivisible unit - the Jewish people.

American Jewry, should not be instigating or fomenting discord. The democratically elected Knesset should not be castigated in the American Press. Such criticism ultimately simply compromises, the safety and security of the State of Israel and is a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of God's name and Holy Torah.

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