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Successful RCA CRC Midwest Regional Conference
RCA holds a successful Midwest Regional Conference in partnership with the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)
News Headlines
Jan 5, 2006 -- On Monday, January 2nd, leaders of the RCA traveled to Skokie IL, to participate in a regional conference together with leading Midwest rabbis, including the leadership of the CRC. The event, chaired by Rabbi Michael Azose, a Vice President of the RCA, featured well received presentations delivered by
Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Av Bes Din of the Beth Din of America, and Av Bes Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council, on the subject of the Treatment of non-Jews in Halacha;
Rabbi Michael Broyde, dayyan of the Beth Din of America, rabbi of the Young Israel of Taco Hills, Atlanta, and Professor of Law at Emery University, on the subject of Halachah and International Law;
Rabbi Dale Polakoff, President of the RCA and Rabbi of the Great Neck Synagogue on the subject of Ner Hanukkah in the synagogue;
Rabbi Basil Herring, Executive Vice President of the RCA, on the subject ?Envisioning the Synagogue of the Future: New Challenges, New Roles, New Opportunities.

During the course of the conference, significant discussion of shared goals and cooperation were held, including matters related to Israel, Religious Zionism, kashrus supervision, and the state of contemporary Batei Din. As a result, new avenues of partnership between these two major rabbinic organizations have been opened up, to address a variety of critical issues facing the Jewish community.

The RCA looks forward to working together on many joint ventures and alliances with the CRC, its members, and affiliates, in the months and years ahead.

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