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RCA Endorses Samuel Alito for the US Supreme Court
Statement in Support of the Confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito as Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Policies Headlines
Jan 10, 2006 -- Through his experience, temperament and character, Judge Samuel A. Alito has shown himself to be a jurist well qualified to serve on the United States Supreme Court. And through his record, he has shown himself to be in consonance with the values the Orthodox Jewish community holds dear.

Both colleagues and subordinates have remarked upon Judge Alito’s understated brilliance and decency, how he exercises his considerable brainpower in caution and honesty, and expresses himself with facility. In fifteen years as Court of Appeals Judge he exhibited a keen eye towards interpreting law, and an ability to focus on the case before him, including its legal and human implications, rather than a preset agenda. His decisions were focused, not sweeping, and flexible when they needed to be.

Judge Alito has demonstrated great understanding in areas of particular interest to Orthodox Jews. In several separate cases, while supporting the separation of church and state, he has remained open enough to allow the free exercise of religion in the public sphere in circumstances that warrant it. Furthermore, his record shows an appreciation of the need to reinforce fundamental traditional values, at a time when many core values that undergird civil society in this land are under assault. At the same time he has recognized and valued the importance of religious tolerance, safeguarding civil rights, and the freedom to exercise political dissent.

We feel that these sensitivities and the overall outlook that generated them bode well for Samuel A. Alito’s tenure on the highest court of this land.

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