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Rabbi Daniel Friedman
Rabbi Daniel Friedman: Beth Israel Synagogue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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(Edmonton, Canada) Mar 18, 2014 -- Rabbi Daniel Friedman is the rabbi of the Beth Israel Synagogue, "the Family Shul", in Edmonton, Canada. For twelve years, Rabbi Friedman has been serving this community of 250 families.

Hailing from Australia, Rabbi Friedman was previously the Rabbi of Newtown Synagogue in Sydney. In 1999 Rabbi Friedman received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales. Rabbi Friedman went on to receive his Yadin Yadin from HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, a Masters in Jewish History from Touro College and a Masters in Political Science from the University of Alberta. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at the University of Alberta, researching American Christian attitudes to Israel.

Rabbi Friedman is the chair of the National Holocaust Monument Council of Canada. In that capacity, in January 2014 he was a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's inaugural delegation to the State of Israel.

Asked about what he is most proud of having accomplished thus far in his rabbinic career, Rabbi Friedman points to the mechitza in his shul that he managed to raise to normative Orthodox standards, "without anyone leaving the shul!" He is also proud of the wonderful, warm relations he has with all segments of the Jewish community in Edmonton. "Last Simchat Torah, all of a sudden during our kiddush, the Chabad, Kollel and Conservative rabbis showed up with their families to dance with us!"

Rabbi Daniel Friedman is married to Batya Yocheved. They have four daughters, Millie (Miriam Leah) and Joey (Sarah Joar), Jamie-Anna (Yemima Chana) and Bree Elle (Ella Bracha). He shares daily inspiration for living from the Daf Yomi at www.lifeyomi.com.

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