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Update and Clarification regarding Expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Clarification Dated March 21, 2006 Regarding Rabbi M. Tendler, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the Jerusalem Beit Din
News Headlines
Mar 21, 2006 -- On Tuesday March 21, 2006, the leadership of the RCA sent out the following statement regarding claims made in the name of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the RCA's response to the Jerusalem Beit Din. The relevant document is attached.

A Statement for the Record
by the Rabbinical Council of America
regarding recent claims made by
Rabbi Mordecai Tendler

The following statement is intended to correct the record regarding certain claims made by Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and others regarding the Rabbinical Council of America, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and the current status of Beit Din adjudication of this matter.

The Rabbinical Council of America has received personal verbal assurance from Rav Chaim Kanievsky of Bnei Brak, together with a written letter of confirmation in his name and with his full approval, that he was never asked nor has he ever rendered an opinion about the dispute between Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and the RCA. Thus any attempt by Rabbi Tendler or those claiming to speak for him to use the respected name of Rav Kanievsky in the context of his dispute with the RCA is both astonishing and blatantly false. The same is true of any statements made, or currently being asserted, by any Beis Din, newspaper reports or editorials that purport to be based on such a claim. A copy of the original written statement in Rav Kanievsky’s name is here attached.

Secondly, recently there have been repeated statements by Rabbi Tendler, and those who claim to speak in his name, as well as news and editorial statements in certain newspapers, that the RCA has never agreed formally to proceed to Zabla, or named its borer (judge) in accordance with the proposal of the Regional Beit Din of Jerusalem. This is a patent falsehood, insofar as the RCA’s formal written acceptance, as well as the naming of a designated borer was properly communicated on December 22nd 2005 to the Jerusalem Beit Din, and separately to Rabbi Rosenberg, the “shlish” (third dayyan) named by the Jerusalem Beit Din itself, and separately to the Jerusalem Bet Din representative (to’en) of Rabbi Tendler (Moshe Mittelman.) This acceptance by the RCA, lifnim mi-shurat ha-din, was in fact formally acknowledged by the Jerusalem Beit Din in its subsequent letter dated January 12 2006, which reaffirmed its understanding that the parties would proceed forthwith to Zabla with Rabbi Rosenberg as the shlish.

Any statements to the contrary are without any foundation whatsoever.

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