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Announcing www.TraditionOnline.org
The RCA Journal Tradition enters a new era with www.TraditionOnline.org
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News Headlines
Mar 24, 2006 -- After close to a half century of stellar Torah scholarship in print format, the venerable quarterly Torah journal Tradition, sponsored and published by the Rabbinical Council of America, has now become part of the online Torah world.

In this form, the journal will reach a vastly expanded audience, many of whom may not be familiar with its mix of Torah learning, reviews of recent halachic literature, and a wide spectrum of historical, philosophical, and literary research and analysis.

The print edition, under the estimable new editorship of Rabbi Shalom Carmy, will continue to be sent to subscribers.

The online edition will permit wide public access to current issues of Tradition, as well as online response and debate, in addition to selected archival presentations, and even selections of materials from other sources deemed worthy of reader review and discussion, under the moderation of Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff. Certain sections of the new site will, however, require passwords, available only to subscribers to the print edition, and of course to members of the RCA in good standing.


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