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RCA Urges Proactive Iran Policy
The RCA urges steps to counter the serious and growing threat of the current Iranian government.
Policies Headlines
May 18, 2006 -- Whereas a long bitter history has taught the Jewish people to take the threats of those who seek to destroy us at face value; and,
Whereas the global rise of anti-Semitism, expressed through acts against Jewish property and lives, is grave cause for alarm; and,
Whereas Iran, long viewed by the State of Israel as the major security threat of the region, has now been verified to have learned to enrich uranium, a step that brings it much closer to a functional nuclear weapon; and,
Whereas the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran poses a direct threat to all of its neighbors, first and foremost Israel, but also Europe, and even the United States, not to speak of the frightening prospect of its sharing nuclear technology with rogue states and terrorist groups; and
Whereas Iran has ignored the demands of the United Nations and the world community that it curb its nuclear aspirations; and,
Whereas Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has consistently made statements that he would have no compunction about using such a weapon against the State of Israel; and,
Whereas Ahmadinejad’s history, dating back to the Iran-Iraq War, indicates that he subscribes to a philosophy and identifies with a group – the Basiji – that could indeed support such an atrocity;

Be it, therefore, resolved by the Rabbinical Council of America that it calls upon all rabbis to:
Educate their constituents as to the real danger posed by Iran, stressing that the words of its President cannot be dismissed as mere hyperbole; and to
Lobby their representatives to ensure that the danger is not underestimated by the United States’ government; and to
Lobby for the imposition of sanctions on Iran by the international community, until Iran ceases to pursue a nuclear program; and to
Urge support in advance for any measures that may have to be taken by the governments of the United States or Israel to insure that Iran does not come into possession of nuclear weapons.

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