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Increasing Demonization of the Settlers in Israel
RCA calls upon the government of Israel to deal with the settler population with respect, patience and within a context of brotherhood.
Policies Headlines
May 18, 2006 -- Whereas in the wake of the calamity at Amona, the RCA is deeply concerned over the treatment of protesting settlers and their supporters; and,
Whereas the evacuation from Gaza demonstrated that there is willingness on both sides to protest peacefully and to evacuate the settlers with the utmost respect:
• The government reflected a desire to treat the settlers respectfully and sensitively; not a baton was wielded, and very few were injured. The settlers were treated by fellow soldiers as brothers and sisters should be treated.
• The settlers responded in kind with non-violent protest.

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America resolves to
Urge the government of Israel to remember that the settler community’s vast energy to settle the land must respected and channeled constructively; how tragic it would be if their desire to build the State of Israel turn into a battle with or G-d forbid against the State of Israel!; and,
Call on the government of Israel to deal with the settlers with patience, with minimal force and within the context of brotherhood and working together for what is best for Israel and the Jewish people.
Call on the government of the State of Israel to deal with the settler community as heroes of Israel, deserving of the utmost respect and sensitivity. The setters have sacrificed for Israel to this point, and they are being asked at times to give up everything they have worked for. They deserve to be treated as part of the bright future of Israel, not part of her problem.

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