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Maintaining Passion for the State of Israel
The RCA calls upon its members to help maintain and foster a passion for the State of Israel, especially during a time when Israel is making some of her most difficult decisions.
Policies Headlines
May 18, 2006 -- Whereas the RCA recognizes the sharp differences of opinion many of its rabbonim have concerning some of the policies of the current Israeli government, and the painful choices it has made; and
Whereas the religious Zionist community has always maintained that despite differences the religious community has always had with the governments of Israel, the religious Zionist community has always seen fit to fully support the government of Israel, and to recognize it as an expression of the concept of Jewish dignity, Jewish sovereignty, and redemption;

Therefore the RCA:
Urges the rabbanim and lay leaders of the Jewish community in America to continue the legacy of Religious Zionism, and

Urges its constituent members to find ways to promote the importance of the Land of Israel and retention of this cherished birthright, and to participate in open dialogue with the Jewish state while helping to inculcate in our children and our followers a strong passion and commitment to the State of Israel as a concept and as a reality. The RCA urges its members to find a balance in which its congregants will understand the importance of open dialogue with the democratically elected leaders of Israel while showing utmost respect and appreciation for the existence and continued success of the institution of government in Israel. Only by finding this balance can we hope to raise another generation of Jews committed to the love not only of the land of Israel but for the State of Israel.

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