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Tradition Journal Launches New Website: www.TraditionOnline.org
TraditionOnline.org, the online version of Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought, is now accessible to anyone worldwide.
News Headlines
Jun 5, 2006 -- Tradition Magazine Takes to Cyberspace

After half a century of disseminating Orthodox Jewish scholarship in
print, the quarterly journal Tradition, sponsored and published by
the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), has expanded its activities
to the online world.

While the print edition, under the new editorship of Rabbi Shalom
Carmy, will continue to be sent to subscribers, the launch of
TraditionOnline.org means that much of the content of the print
version will now be accessible on the web, along with additional
features available only online. While access to the current issue
will be limited to paid subscribers for a period of time, an archive
of earlier issues will be available at no charge. In addition,
TraditionOnline will contain selected archival presentations, will
highlight other articles of interest to its readers, and encourage
online discussions and debates on the religious issues of the day.

Carmy, Professor of Bible and Jewish Thought at Yeshiva University,
says, “We hope that many Tradition will articles will reward
repeated study for both intellectual and spiritual reasons. We
anticipate that the online website, under the guidance of Rabbi
Yonatan Kaganoff, will facilitate timely interaction among editors,
contributors, and readers from around the world.”

“In its new format,” Editor Kaganoff says, “Tradition will enable a
wider and more diverse audience to become familiar with its mix of
academic scholarship, Torah learning, reviews of recent halakhic
(Jewish legal) literature, and a wide spectrum of historical,
philosophical, and literary research and analysis. I am committed to
making TraditionOnline a place of intellectual honesty and
theological truth in the online public square."

Tradition was founded in 1958 by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, currently
Chancellor of Yeshiva University. Its subsequent editors were the
late Rabbi Dr. Walter Wurzburger, Rabbi Dr. Emanuel Feldman, and
Rabbi Dr. Michael Shmidman. In its five decades in print, Tradition
has published on a wide range of topics including theology, history,
biography, sociology, politics, and ethics, and has featured seminal
articles by the Rav, the late Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, the
preeminent leader of twentieth century Modern Orthodox Judaism. It
has served as the literary-religious organ of the RCA, which now
represents nearly 1000 Orthodox Rabbis in 14 countries around the

RCA Executive Vice President Basil Herring sums up the new endeavor:
“In an age when every respectable publication has established an
online presence to take its message to a global audience, we feel
that the message of Torah and decency that emanates from our members
requires no less. TraditionOnline will project our voice to
readers around the world, and, through the communication it makes
possible, will make all our readers active partners in a joint

For more information about Tradition visit www.TraditionOnline.org.
Forr more information about the RCA, visit www.rabbis.org.

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