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RCA Expresses Complete Solidarity With the People and State of Israel  
News Headlines
Jul 14, 2006 --
The Honorable Ehud Olmert
Prime Minister of Israel

Dear Mr. Olmert:

Speaking for close to 1000 Orthodox rabbis throughout North America, members of the Rabbinical Council of America, who will this Shabbas and in the days ahead lead hundreds of thousands of Jews in prayer and political action in support of Israel, we write to express our complete and utter identification with, and solidarity for, your government, the armed forces of Israel, and the people of Israel, in this most difficult hour.

As a sovereign State, Israel has every right, and duty, to protect its citizens from the murderous onslaughts of Hamas and Hezbollah, that contradict the most fundamental principles of international law.

We urge you and your colleagues to remain steadfast in the face of terror. We urge you deal swiftly and thoroughly with the urgent task of destroying the infrastructures, capabilities, and agents of terror in and around the State of Israel.

And we pledge our utmost assistance, in explaining and promoting the justice of your cause, which is our cause, to elected government officials throughout the United States, Canada, and wherever we reside.

We have no doubt that the passage of time and future events will prove the justice and righteousness of what you, and Israel, are doing in the face of the murderous and essentially fascistic Islamist terror emanating from Al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, and their Middle Eastern proxies - Hamas and Hezbollah.

May God bless you and grant you, and Israel, together with acheinu kol beit Yisrael, success in this sacred mission.

Rabbi Dale Polakoff, President
Rabbi Dr. Basil Herring, Executive Vice President

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