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A Statement Regarding Israel and the War on Terror against Hezbollah, Hamas, and their State Sponsors in Iran and Syria  
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Jul 20, 2006 -- The Rabbinical Council of America yet again reaffirms the following principles and truths in light of unfolding events in and around the borders of the State of Israel:

1. We stand with Israel in her campaign to free her soldiers taken hostage, destroy the military power of Hezbollah and Hamas, restore the deterrent power of the Israel Defense Forces on land, at sea, and in the air, and neutralize the military threats posed by Syria and Iran through their Palestinian and Lebanese proxies. We salute the armed forces of Israel, for their determination to minimize civilian loss of life, and inflict minimal necessary collateral harm, even as they make every legitimate effort to protect the Jewish homeland that is the State of Israel.

2. We mourn the tragic loss of Jewish lives to the despicable acts of terrorists, who, with malice aforethought, target civilians and murder the defenseless. Our tears, thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have sustained losses during this time, and we pray for the speedy recovery of all those wounded.

3. Together with the leadership and people of Israel, we express our sadness at the unavoidable loss of Lebanese and Gazan civilian life that is made necessary by terrorists who use civilians as shields.

4. We commend the United States government, on all levels, as well as the Canadian government, for their principled and honorable support of Israel’s actions in this shared war on Islamist terror.

5. We condemn the criticisms of Israel's purportedly "disproportionate" response issued by France, Italy, Germany, Russia and other countries that would surely react at least as forcefully and, if we are to judge by history, with far less concern for civilian life and property if they were subjected to the same sort of attacks, all the more so if those attacks emanated from forces pledged to their utter destruction.

6. We express our indignation at the inappropriate moral equivalences, and victim parallels, that some newspaper and broadcast media have sought to promote, the effect of which is to whitewash the moral outrages perpetrated by terrorists and their sponsors, who deliberately target Israeli civilians, while using Arab civilians as shields against legitimate Israeli response.

7. We stand with the citizens of Israel, in the North, South, East, and West, and express our prayers and hopes for their safety and security.

8. We call on all civilized people, including the leadership of the United Nations, to understand that Israel must be given time to finish the war that has been unleashed on her citizens, so that aggression by terrorists and the governments that support them not be rewarded, and be prevented in the future.

9. We call on Jews everywhere to engage in prayer, Torah learning, and good deeds, on behalf of the people and State of Israel.

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