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Sanctions to be Imposed on One Who Withholds Issuance or Receipt of a Get
Resolution, 2001 RCA Convention
Policies Headlines
May 1, 2001 -- Resolved that our community will impose sanctions against any party who withholds consent to the issuance or receipt of a Get under the following conditions:

1) Where a married couple has separated in contemplation of a divorce and have been living apart for a year,

2) One of the parties has filed for issuance of a civil divorce, and

3) One of the parties has made a verifiable, formal written request for the unconditional termination of the marriage by execution and receipt of a Get,

4) The other party had refused to comply with the request of a Get and has not appeared before the Beth Din of America or its designee to explain this non compliance within 3 (three) months following the fulfillment of the prior three conditions.

Note: If after the party appears before the Beth Din of America or its designee and the Beth Din rules that sanctions should not be adopted, or should be adopted in modified fashion, it shall be the determining body in this matter.


THEREUPON, our community will adopt the following sanctions against the recalcitrant party:

A. He or she shall not be permitted to occupy any elective or appointive position, nor to serve as an employee, within the Institution or within any of its affiliates.

B. He or she will be excluded from membership in the Institution or in any of its

C. He or she will not be given any honor or recognition, or be granted any
right or privilege of participation within liturgical services on any occasion whatsoever.

D. He or she will have his or her name announced on regular monthly basis at the conclusion of Shabbat services, and published in the Institutional bulletin, with respect to his/her refusal to comply with the request for a Get, with a call to the membership to limit their social and economic relations to such persons, until such time as they participate in the Get process.

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