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RCA and OU Join in Urging the Orthodox Community to Vote in Upcoming Elections  
News Headlines
Nov 3, 2006 -- The Rabbinical Council of America Urges Members of the Orthodox Community to make sure to Vote and Express their Views in the Forthcoming 2006 Midterm Elections

November 2nd 2006

In a statement issued today, in partnership with the Orthodox Union, the leadership of the RCA urged its membership to take proactive steps in the coming days leading up to the November elections throughout the USA. Rabbis were urged to encourage members of the Jewish community not merely to vote, but to communicate their views, priorities, and values to candidates for public office on the local, State, and Federal levels.

In the view of the RCA, candidates for public office are most responsive to the Jewish community when they are aware of the concerns of the Jewish voter, be they of a specific Jewish nature, or on the broad-ranging issues of the day. Furthermore, no political candidate should be able to take the Jewish vote for granted.

The RCA does not endorse any particular candidate or political agenda. It does, however, strongly encourage political activism and involvement by the Jewish community, especially in the Orthodox world, in the finest tradition of the American Public Square.

More broadly, the Rabbinical Council of America recently created a Governmental Affairs Committee, under the experienced leadership of Rabbi Neal Turk, Vice President of the RCA, Southeast Region. The goals of the committee will include assisting member rabbis and their congregations to be ever more effective, and impactful, in the realm of governmental and political affairs.

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