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Unconventional RCA 2007 Convention Called for April 29th - May 1st 2007
Groundbreaking 48th Annual Convention to be held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan
News Headlines
Mar 12, 2007 -- The Rabbinical Council of America, the largest Orthodox rabbinic group in the world, has today announced that its forthcoming annual convention will take place at the new conference facilities of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, located at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, from April 29th till May 1st 2007.

The theme of the convention will be "Dynamic Models of Rabbinic Leadership and Networking in an Era of Paradigm Change for the Jewish People and the Orthodox Community."

Plenary sessions and individual workshops will focus on the nature of leadership in general and rabbinic leadership in particular; by examining models from the Bible, the Talmud, the business world, government, as well as political and military leadership. The convention will examine the dynamics of congregational and community consensus building, while helping rabbis acquire key tools and skills in dealing with the disparate audiences and interest-groups within and beyond their synagogue and community settings.

Throughout, the convention will explore the benefits and the modalities of rabbinic leadership via new approaches to networking, rabbinic/lay partnerships, and resource sharing, as they relate to individual synagogues, partnering institutions, community-wide structures, the Torah community, and the Jewish people at large..

In addition to the overall theme, specific issues to be dealt with will include Challenges to Religious Zionism in light of Disengagement and the War on Terror, A Review of the Halachik Status of Brain Death and Organ Transplantation, a major announcement relating to Orthodox Conversion to Judaism, and Political Activism in the run up to the 2008 elections.

In the words of Rabbi Daniel Cohen, chairman of the 2007 Convention Committee: "As reflected in the choice of Convention location at the remarkable and inspiring Museum of Jewish Heritage, and in light of the critical issues that have emerged to face the rabbinate and the Jewish people over the past year, as they will be discussed and dealt with at the annual gathering, this Convention will reflect a new era in rabbinic leadership, creativity, and responsiveness in dealing with the fundamental changes and challenges that beset the Jewish people, and the Orthodox community.. It is a given that this conference, and its outcome, will not be business as usual."

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