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RCA Urges Action on Plight of Gush Katif Refugees
Appalled by treatment of refugees since ejection from their homes.
Policies Headlines
May 1, 2007 -- The Rabbinical Council of America calls upon the government of Israel, the Jewish Agency, and the leadership of the UJC/ Federation of North America to make every effort to compensate the refugees and expellees of Gush Katif, by providing each and every one of them all assistance necessary for them to restart their disrupted lives.

The RCA requests that the compensation packages promised be delivered as well as social services be provided to them.

The RCA is appalled by the neglect and shoddy treatment they have been victim to since their forced removal from their thriving communities of Gush Katif.

Our appeal is based solely on Torah values and humanitarian grounds. As religious leaders we cannot in good conscience remains silent any longer seeing the distress of our brethren become more compounded in the more than 18 months since the disengagement was carried out.

We appeal to all entities responsible for alleviating the plight of Jews in distress to hearken to our call to help the former residents of Gush Katif in the healing of their wounds and to assist in their re-entry into gainful employment and Israeli life.

[See related RCA Resolution from 2006 Convention, as well.]

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