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RCA Urges Further Action to Eliminate Enslaved Prostitutes in Israel  
Policies Headlines
May 1, 2007 -- Whereas the Knesset has reported that some 3000-5000 women in Israel are currently enslaved, in violation of Israeli law, as prostitutes as a result of human trafficking; and,

Whereas Judaism affirms the right of each individual to a life of personal freedom, dignity and a duty of national holiness, particularly regarding sexual conduct; and,

Whereas our Torah stresses no less than 36 times the overarching importance of treating the stranger with compassion and kindness; and,

Whereas Israel's Declaration of Establishment emphasizes that the state "will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel"

Now, therefore, it is

Resolved that the Rabbinical Council of America stand together with the many Knesset members, organizations and concerned individuals in Israel who have worked to end this disgraceful practice, and call upon all concerned, including the religious, governmental, and law enforcement leadership of Israel, to take further action to put an end to this shameful practice by whatever legal means necessary, thereby sending a message to the world that Israel will protect the oppressed and act as a beacon of light to all nations.

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