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RCA Reiterates Call to Action to Stop Genocide in Darfur, Sudan  
Policies Headlines
May 1, 2007 -- Whereas the government of Sudan and its proxy militia, the Janjaweed, have been waging a genocidal campaign against African communities in Darfur since 2003; and,

Whereas more than two million people have been displaced and at least 450,000 have been killed; and,

Whereas the Sudanese backed Arab militias continue their racist, genocidal campaign against the Muslim black Africans of Darfur; and,

Whereas numerous ceasefires have been broken and countless U.N. resolutions have gone unheeded; and,

Whereas numerous countries around the world continue to support the Sudanese government through investments and other agreements; and,

Whereas Judaism affirms the right of all people to live in freedom, regardless of skin color or religion; and,

Whereas the Jewish people have a special obligation after the Holocaust and our long history of oppression to help the oppressed; and,

Now, therefore, the RCA

Reaffirms it many past statements regarding Darfur, including RCA Condemns Darfur Genocide, Darfur Genocide: The RCA and OU Commend President Bush for his Strong Stand, Statement on Sudanese in Darfur, Sudan, RCA rallies at the UN for Darfur; and

Calls upon all rabbis and members of the Jewish community to raise our concerns with both elected officials and corporations doing business with the Sudanese government in order that they take all necessary actions to bring this genocide to an immediate end.

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