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Personal Ethics  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 --

As Orthodox Jews, we reaffirm the central place in Jewish life of living in accordance with the highest ethical standards, as reflected in our traditions. The Torah requires that we each seek moral excellence in every realm. This includes our relationships with our fellow Jews as well as non-Jews.

Derek Eretz must always accompany our striving for maximum Torah knowledge and ritual adherence. Excellence in the one ought not to justify mediocrity in the other. Each of us ought to be mindful constantly of the imperative of Kiddush Hashem, so as to bring honor to Jews, Torah and, ultimately, G-d. Improper financial dealings, and disregard for the interpersonal aspect of Torah observance, have no place in the Jewish community. Similarly. any form of cheating or dishonesty on the part of students in our community's schools must be rejected and punished.

We therefore resolve that:

The RCA will promote initiatives to elevate the level of halachically inspired moral virtue and integrity in family, business and professional life, in our choice of words, in our attitudes and in our actions.

The RCA membership will encourage its synagogues as well as its community's schools and yeshivot to place renewed priority on middot tovot: ethical civic, social and economic practice. We call upon synagogues, schools and other organizations to firmly support and champion practitioners of these values and to implement educational programs that promote these values.

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