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Agunot 1999  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 -- Agunot

The plight of the individual agunah is a significant issue of communal concern. Efforts by some, which are not sanctioned by halacha, to reduce any burden which the husband may suffer from refusing to give his wife a get, must be recognized as unacceptable and emphatically rejected. At the same time, we must be careful to follow the guidance of competent halachic authorities with regard to the appropriate personal, communal and societal measures for addressing any specific agunah situation.

We therefore resolve that:

The Orthodox Jewish community shall use its considerable resources to demonstrate our disapproval and repudiation, in accordance with ha/acha, of the conduct of those spouses who fail to follow the dictates of an authorized he it din in regard to providing or receiving a get. At a minimU1n, we call on all synagogues to deny all synagogue communal honors to any such individual.

The Orthodox Jewish community increase tile use of pre-nuptial agreements crafted by respected halachic authorities which attempt to reduce the possibility of a woman becoming an agunah.

The Orthodox Jewish community supports steps endorsed by recognized halachic authorities to resort to the secular legislature and courts that seek to redress agunah cases.

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