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Alternative Life Styles and Moral Equivalencies 1999  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 -- Alternative Life Styles and Moral Equivalencies

The RCA views with great dismay the current efforts to portray homosexuality as the moral equivalent of heterosexual monogamous relationships and as constituting a valid "alternative life style."

We are also deeply disturbed by the treatment and, frequently, the glorification of sexual promiscuity as acceptable behavior. The suggestion that such conduct is the moral equivalent of the sexual code introduced to the world by our holy Torah is incompatible with the notion of the transcendent nature of fundamental Torah values. While we are opposed to discrimination and vigilantism against any individual or group, we must express our revulsion at those who would misrepresent and misconstrue our tradition in this crucial area.
We therefore resolve that:

The RCA is mandated to continue to forcefully resist all attempts, whether direct or indirect, whether within tile Jewish community or in society at large, to legitimize that which our Torah, our history and our traditions have deemed illegitimate.

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