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Batei Din 1999  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 -- Batei Din

We reaffirm our commitment to the pivotal role that rabbinical and halachic leadership must play, not only in our Synagogues, but also in our daily lives. Halachic adjudication should be the primary source of domestic and civil dispute resolution in the Jewish community. We applaud the efforts of the reconstituted Beit Din of America toward creating structures and increased opportunities for such alternative methods of dispute resolution in our society and are proud of the RCA’s support of these efforts to date. We applaud the growth of the Choshen Mishpat Division of the Beit Din to provide halachic alternative dispute resolution for commercial disputes between members of the Jewish community.

We therefore resolve that:

The RCA will continue to support the efforts of the Beit Din of America through our participation in its direction and through contributions of financial and resource support.
The RCA will work to educate the Jewish community as to the availability and value of the Beit Din's services and encourage their usage.

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