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Israeli Religious Integrity and the North American Jewish Community 1999  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 -- Israeli Religious Integrity and the North American Jewish Community

It has become increasingly prevalent for North American Jewish organizations to publicly interfere in the most delicate questions of Israeli religious integrity. Those who do so may indeed be motivated by an abiding concern for the well being of the people and State of Israel.

We continue to believe, however, that genuine concern and generous assistance do not give any of us in the Diaspora a right to interfere in these critical and complex questions that should be left to the citizens of Israel to settle.

We therefore resolve that:

The RCA calls upon all North American Jewish organizations to desist from public campaigns that only lead to diminishing Israel's stature in tile eyes of the general public while further dividing and polarizing North American Jewry Support for Israel once united almost all American Jews. Today, issues that divide Israeli society threaten to even more profoundly divide North American Jewry. This tragic process must be halted.

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