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Synagogue Activities 1999  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1999 -- Synagogue Activities

The Orthodox synagogue remains the focal point of Orthodox communal life. Educational programming that stimulates and challenges synagogue members of every age as well as inspirational tefi//ah services should be the hallmarks of our synagogues.

We therefore resolve that:

a) The RCA, in conjunction with the Department of Synagogue Services at the Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University in conjunction with other synagogual services, are charged to continue and increase programming that supports and facilitates synagogue educational programming.

b) Outreach
The RCA will work to develop a national program which would mobilize the strengths of our synagogues, rabbinate and laity, and which would turn each synagogue into an outpost for adult outreach.

c) Adult Education
Over the past year, the RCA has increased its educational programs targeted at affiliated and knowledgeable members of the community in manifold ways. Well-recognized regular lectures, Shabbatonim and publications have been complemented with special symposia and publications. Projects like the OU's Pardes Project have flourished and currently provide challenging Torah study materials for thousands of Jews around the world. We encourage our Roshei yeshiva to provide advanced Torah educational programs for women, in keeping with V'Hodata Lahem Et Haderech Asher Yailchu Bah. This convention calls upon the study additional options and to expand its national adult educational and outreach programs.

d) The RCA in conjunction with the Department of Synagogue Service at the Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University, in conjunction with other synagogual services, are urged to implement policies that ensure that decorum in the synagogue is respectful and mindful of the serious purposes for which its members gather there and that idle conversation and levity are eliminated.

We therefore resolve that:

1) The administration of the RCA supports tile work of its College Campus Commission KEDMAH and stands ready to intensively explore the best means to develop an effective college campus outreach and educational program and to implement such a program with all deliberate speed.

2) RCA members and their synagogues are urged to form partnerships with local yeshivot and advocacy groups to provide Jewish education in their communities for children with special needs.

The RCA encourages its membership and synagogues to make their sanctuaries
accessible to individuals with disabilities and to others, including the elderly, whose access to worship may be limited.

The respective Commissions of the RCA are mandated to expand their programming of quality Torah education for men and women. Every effort must be made to reach uneducated and unaffiliated American Jews as well.

The RCA shall work to expand and further publicize the educational resources available on its website, www.rabbis.org

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