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Genetic Engineering and Cloning 1997  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1997 -- Genetic Engineering and Cloning
The Rabbinical Council of America, in convention assembled, wishes to raise a cautionary note in regard to the new technologies of genetic engineering and cloning. Though some positive benefits may result from these breakthroughs, we must express our concern that the work is proceeding without thorough discussion and enactment of legal and ethical guidelines. While there is great potential for good in these technologies, there is also great potential for harm. The Rabbinical Council of America, therefore, calls on the United States government other international governments and the scientific community to convene conferences and other for discussion of the ethical and legal concerns endemic to this technology, and to allow time for the passage and implementation of legal and ethical guidelines that will structure this work in ways that will maximize its positive potential and protect against its potentially negative consequences.

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