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Public Pronouncements and Intra-Jewish Relationships 1997  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1997 -- Public Pronouncements and Intra-Jewish Relationships

Statements have emanated from both the right-wing of Orthodoxy and from Conservative and Reform leadership that have been intemperate in tone, and inappropriate in substance. Such statements rather that1 heal the breaches that exist within the community, have widened them. Tl1ese statements, rather that1 reflectit1g ahavas yisrael (love of all fellow Jews), have reflected sinat chinam (baseless hatred). Differences that are profound and fundamental certainly exist. However, criticizing and challenging those differences are attacks that do nothing to enlighten and only inflame. We particularly decry the tendency toward debate by pres~ release and public appearance which cannot by its very nature, provide any depth or nuance to discussion and almost always sensationalize what should be approached with great care. We call on everyone across the Jewish spectrum to recogt1ize that every single Jewish soul is infinitely precious, at1d that actions that serve to divide one Jew from another do not reflect that preciousness.

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