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Homosexuality 1993  
Policies Headlines

The Rabbinical Council of America views with distress the condoning of homosexuality as a legitimate alternate lifestyle. Such an attitude rejects a fundamental moral pillar of the Torah.
At the same time that we reject homosexuality as a legitimate alternate lifestyle, we also condemn actions that bash or persecute homosexuals.
We recognize that ideation alone does not make one culpable, only acting upon these desires is prohibited. As such, the Rabbinical Council of America calls upon its Rabbis to do their utmost to help those with homosexual tendencies. They can best do this by remaining true to the Torah stand on homosexuality, and showing compassion and Torah guidance for those who seek their help. The Rabbinical Council of America calls upon its Rabbis to become familiar with those therapists who are on record as willing to treat those with homosexual tendencies, implementing modalities which allow change and the potential for homosexuals to lead a productive heterosexual lifestyle.
The Rabbinical Council of America rejects the proposition that a person's sexual preferences be foisted upon the community. Everyone is welcome within the community, but no one is welcome to show contempt for the community by publicly proclaiming any private proclivity that is inconsistent with community standards, be it homosexuality, adultery, or other deviations from Torah norms (i.e. public desecrations of Shabbat).
The Rabbinical Council of America firmly believes that true compassion in this most sensitive issue is manifested in doing whatever possible to help individuals affirm and actualize the norms and mores accentuated in the Torah.

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