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Human Rights 1991  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1991 -- VII. HUMAN RIGHTS

Whereas the Torah teaches that all humans are blessed with dignity, having
been created in God’s image and

Whereas the human family often descends to practices of genocide, torture,
Arbitrary imprisonment, brutality, government censorship, war crimes, mistreatment of refugees and discrimination --all of which are particularly endemic to non-democratic societies and

Whereas the Gulf War has tended to obscure the similarities between human rights abuse in Iraq -which was our enemy, Syria --which was our erstwhile
ally, and Kuwait -which was the victim in this war.

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America, in convention assembled,

A. reaffirms our commitment to human rights based on the uniqueness and preciousness of human life.
B. Condemns the abuses of these rights highlighted during the Gulf War.
C. welcomes the recognition for the importance of human rights in the
former Communist countries of Eastern Europe.
D. urges humankind to study and live up to the Noachide commandments to
establish the universal system of justice.

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