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Torah Learning 1990  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1990 -- Torah Learning:

Affirming that the future of meaningful Jewish life is dependant upon a strong commitment to the knowledge and fulfillment of Torah principles and ideals;

Affirming that the future of Torah knowledge is dependant upon an effective program of Torah study in all its facets;

Affirming that Torah study is essential, not only for the future of meaningful Jewish life but as a religious experience in itself;

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled

Calls upon all Jews to create for themselves a daily regimen of Torah study;

Calls upon the leaders of the Jewish community, Rabbinic and lay, to establish new as well as enhance existing classes for Torah study, in all its facets;

Calls upon synagogue leaders to establish Daf Yomi and Halacha classes;

Calls upon all Jews to provide a model of Torah study to which the children of our communities may look in order to better understand the essential role of life-long Torah study in the lives of the community, their parents and themselves.

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