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Catholic Jewish Relations 1988  
Policies Headlines

WHEREAS a crisis has developed in Catholic/Jewish relations precipitated by the meeting at the Vatican between Pope John Paul II and Kurt Waldheim in June 1987, and

WHEREAS the International Commision of Historians appointed by Austria concluded that Waldheim had consistently lied about his wartime activities and had personally facilitated Nazi war crimes.

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

VIEWS WITH DEEP CONCERN the announced intention of Pope John II to meet with Kurt Waldheim during his upcoming visit to Austria in June 1998, and calls upon the Pope to avoid any contact with Waldheim during his Austrian visit, viewing any such meeting with Waldheim as an affront to the Jewish People and to all who suffered under the Nazi yoke during the Second World War, and

EXPRESSES shock and outrage concerning the violently anti-Jewish comments, contained in an essay entitled “the Palestinian Revolt” by Rev. Giovanni Rulli, carried in the April edition of the authoritative Jesuit bi-monthly, CIVILTA CATTOLICA, which is published in Rome, in which he condemns the Israelis as being racists, and compares the current situation to the Nazi Final Solution. The Rabbinical Council of America URGES the Vatican to repudiate the odious comments and references contained in this article.

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