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Energy 1988  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1988 -- ENERGY

Whereas, our economy and virtually every aspect of our civilization is energy dependent,

AND WHEREAS, our diminished though still substantial dependence upon imported petroleum, and the almost total dependence of many industrialized and developing countries, including our close allies, on such sources, tends to affect the flexibility and scope of our government’s international relations. The ability of our government to formulate and conduct foreign policy without fear of energy considerations must be a fundamental objective. The recent abundance of oil at relatively lower prices has made the energy issue less prominent among America’s concerns. However, it is only a matter of time before the next effort by the OPEC cartel to limit production and drive oil prices up.

THE RABBINICAL COUNCIL OF AMERICA supports policies that will lessen American energy dependence, particularly on Persian Gulf oil.

WE CALL FOR conservation efforts and the search for alternative sources of energy, which will greatly advance energy independence for the United States.

WE SUPPORT the filling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the expansion of storage facilities, as protection against price swings in the oil market.

WE ENCOURAGE the use of the vast deposits of coal found in this country, concomitant with a purification process that will leave our environment safe and clean.

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