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Kashruth 1987  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1987 -- 1987

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Council of America takes note of the expansion of the number of kosher consumer products, and regards this phenomena as an indication of the growth of religious observance, and,

WHEREAS the RCA TAKES PARTICULAR PRIDE in the accomplishments of, and reaffirms its support of the Kashruth Division of the OU, and of the principle of Kashruth Supervision on the communal level, and

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

REAFFIRMS THE PRINCIPLE that Hashgacha should be under communal auspices, restricting individual members from granting national Hechsherim, and

APPLAUDS THE RECENT ATTEMPTS to coordinate and establish a central clearing house for Kashruth information and standards,

CALLS UPON THE KASHRUTH COMMISSION and the Vaad Hakavod to continue to review and to act in those cases where individual members are in violation of this resolution.

AT THE SAME TIME, we strongly support the idea that the prices on kosher goods should be comparable to other such consumer products in order to encourage the use of properly supervised foods.

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