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Nuclear Restraint 1987  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1987 -- 1987
Nuclear Restraint

WHEREAS, G-d has commanded us to “CHOOSE LIFE THAT YOU AND YOUR OFFSPRING WOULD LIVE”. (Devarim XXX, 19), and

WHEREAS, the use of Nuclear weapons can bring about human destruction in the most unthinkable proportions, and that this danger is even greater if such weapons and their technology are in the hands of unfriendly non-democratic nations,

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

URGES the adoption of the pact to limit the spread of nuclear weapons and a reduction in the current deployment with mutually verifiable inspections and guaranties, and

URGES all Jews to educate themselves and the other peoples of our world in an attempt to stop our drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.

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