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Pluralism 1987  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1987 -- 1987

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

NOTES WITH ALARM the increasing divisions that are taking place in public Jewish life.

WE TAKE PARTICULAR EXCEPTION to those voices emenating from Heterodox and secular groups that would place the blame for the growing and festering schism in Jewish life upon the Orthodox Community. It is the Non-Orthodox movements that have introduced changes in definitions of Jewish Identity and in procedures revolving around Jewish family life, such as Patrilinealism, allowing for remarriage without “Get”, using Non-Halachic criterion for conversion, all of which is not acceptable according to Halacha and therefore beyond the possibility of acceptability.

WE REAFFIRM OUR COMMITMENT to the unity of the Jewish people, in consonance with the Halacha.

WE REAFFIRM OUR COMMITMENT TO REACH OUT TO ALL WHO ARE HALACHICALLY JEWISH, in the spirit of AHAVAT YISRAEL, whether they be observant or non-observant, in affirmation of KLAL YISRAEL, in principle and practice. We call upon all Jews to join us in looking to the Torah and its Mitzvot which are “our life and length of our days” as a guide for living, and dealing with the burdensome issues which confront the Jewish community.

WE ASK ALL JEWS, to join us in attempting to stem the tide of assimilation, and religious attrition, to strengthen Jewish education and to deal with humanitarian needs the world over, and especially those of our Jewish brethren in lands of oppression.

WE CONTINUE TO STAND COMMITTED to belonging to and taking an active part in Jewish Communal Organizations which address themselves to welfare of the total world Jewish community, with which we share goals and concerns.

WE RESOLVE THAT the Rabbinical Council of America should explore the possibility of joining selective Jewish Communal national and international organizations with the view of enhancing the position of Torah Judaism in the larger world.

WE RESOLVE THAT the RCA will continuously reevaluate its membership in the various organizations with which it is affiliated, in order to determine whether our continued participation fulfils the original intent of our joining.

AT THE SAME TIME, WE CONDEMN attempts on the part of Non-Orthodox Religious organizations to place the issue of “Pluralism” on the agendas of the UJA and Federations. The UJA/Federation movements have always dealt with issues upon which all Jews are in agreement, and has always steered clear of religious issued that tend to divide us.

WE REAFFIRM our commitment to be involved with and play an active role in Jewish Federations on the local as well as the national levels, in order to ensure understanding and support for the interests of Torah Judaism and the well being of the Jewish Community.

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