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RCA 1981  
Policies Headlines

The Rabbinical Council of America, numbering over one thousand rabbis duly ordained in the Orthodox Jewish tradition; representing an indigenous American Orthodoxy; serving in a variety of rabbinic, educational, and ecclesiastical roles in The United States, Canada, Israel, and Jewish communities world-wide:

CALLS UPON ITS MEMBERSHIP to increase their efforts on behalf of their sacred ministry, finding renewed strength in the successes of past decades, and up-holding faithfully and without compromise the sacred charge which is ours;

CALLS UPON JEWS EVERYWHERE to renew and revitalize their identification with the historic Jewish People, and to claim their role as part of Klal Yisrael; to endeavor to maintain Torah and its commandments as a viable part of their lives; to seek out authentic Jewish thinking on the weighty matters that challenge the Jewish community; to persevere in actively stemming the waves of assimilation and religious attrition; to support the humanitarian efforts expended world-wide, and especially those efforts on behalf of Jewish brethren in lands of oppression and persecution;

CALLS UPON ORTHODOX RABBINIC AND LAY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES to seek means of cooperative venture in strengthening Jewish values; to set aside organizational and political differences for the wider good that can be achieved through harmonious interaction; to act l’shem shamayim in whatever affects us as Jews, as a total community and as bearers of the covenant of Sinai.

CALLS UPON each synagogue to commemorate the Holocaust by including reference to it in the Kinot of Tisha B’Av; by observing memorial ceremonies at Yizkor times, and at such other times when there is communal commemoration; by including the study of this period in the curricula of all religious schools; by establishing exhibition areas, mini-museums, photo galleries, and similar media presentations as permanent features of the synagogue premises.

LENDS its moral and material support to the Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies and similar foundations, whose purpose and goals are that the acts of Amalek never be forgotten.

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