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The Holocaust 1981  
Policies Headlines
Jan 1, 1981 -- ON THE HOLOCAUST

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

RECALLS and sets before it always the unforgettable and inconsolable tragedy in the attempt to liquidate the Jewish People made by the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany which resulted in the Holocaust of the years 1933-1945;

DEPLORES the fact that this tragic page of history is sometimes omitted from the study curricula of schools in America and the world over;

URGES adoption of measures that will promote the study of this period of history and its implications, as a special unit of study in all schools;

CONDEMNS IN THE STRONGEST TERMS attempts by unconscionable and evil persons to deny the Holocaust as a historical fact, and to rewrite history as a forgery of living memory, vilifying the victims and vindicating the perpetrators, thus desecrating the memory of martyrs;

APPLAUDS the Government of the United States for appointing a commission to create a proper memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, this including this dark period as an indelibly written chapter of American history;

WARNS against crass attempts to exploit the period of symbols of the Holocaust for commercial gain or venture;

CALLS UPON the Government of the United States to pursue relentlessly those fugitives from justice, former Nazis alleged or known to be living under the protection of the United States, and to bring them to justice;

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