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Support for the NRP  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1996 -- The RCA in convention assembled sends its greetings to the NRP whose ideology of Eretz Yisrael Le Am Yisrael Al Pi Torat YisraeI closely reflects the philosophy of our organization.
We pledge to them our support in returning the full range of the services of the State to our people who live in all parts of Eretz YisraeI.
We urge you to continue your efforts and to redouble them in behalf of yeshivot and Torah institutions, the religious school system, and to assure the viability and security of all Jews.
With the increased representation in the Knesset, we urge you to continue to serve as an effective bridge to bring together all parts of the Israeli population to work in honoring and in respect for Torah and the Jewish way of life.

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