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Duties of the Task Force on The Sanctity of the Jewish Family  
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1996 -- resolution #9
WHEREAS, in light of the major challenges our society poses to the ongoing vibrancy and sanctity of traditional Jewish families and Jewish family life, and
WHEREAS, the RCA categorically rejects the notion that homosexual or lesbian unions or behavior are in any way compatible with our traditions or potentially sanctifiable under Jewish law, either Biblical or Rabbinic, and
WHEREAS, however, the RCA and its leadership have been and continue to be sensitive and concerned about the plight of those individuals struggling with sexual issues and the religious conflicts they create
The RCA establish Task Forces on the Sanctity of the Jewish Family that will identify and mobilize a qualified medical, mental health and Rabbinic team of counselors to develop resources for all those who desire to seriously address their conflicts. Thereby, we hope to assist these individuals find a way to live fully as members of the halachic community.
The Task Forces on the Sanctity of the Jewish Family shall seek to provide resources, counseling and support to those individuals or families who are distressed by
-pending intermarriages of their children
-proliferation of Jewish unmarrieds in search of compatible marital partners -families struggling with infertility or adoption issues
-other sexual related issues
-mikveh related issues
and make this information and resources available to our Rabbis and the members of their congregations

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