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Sentence of Jonathan Pollard (1993)
RCA Urges Jewish Community to Speak Out on Behalf of Justice for Pollard
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We, the Rabbinical Council of America wish to voice our plea for justice for Jonathan Pollard. We in no way condone acts of espionage or violation of our country's laws. Mr. Pollard, by entering a guilty plea, admitted that his crime cannot be excused and deserves punishment. Since June 1988, Mr. Pollard has been incarcerated in solitary confinement in the federal maximum security prison in Marion, Illinois. Prison rules just permit him to exercise for only one hour per day. He remains in the cell for the remaining 23 hours of each day.
The lifetime sentence imposed on Jonathan Pollard is grossly inconsistent with the punishment given to other Americans convicted of comparable and even worse crimes. Jonathan Pollard was tried as an American and sentenced as a Jew.
We, therefore, call upon President Clinton and Congress to demonstrate their commitment to justice and fairness and grant Jonathan Pollard commutation of his sentence to time served. This would be in keeping with sentences typically imposed by the American courts.
We urge the members of the Jewish community not to be silent, but to speak out on behalf of justice for Pollard, demanding that his sentence appropriately reflect a punishment that is commensurate with his crime.

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