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Justice For The Pollards
RCA Urges All Americans to Support the Organization "Justice For The Pollards"
Policies Headlines

WHEREAS THE RABBINICAL COUNCIL DOES NOT CONDONE the acts which were perpetrated by Jonathon Pollard, they did involve the giving over of vital information to Israel, America only friend and ally in the Middle East, information which should have been given directly under existing agreements between the two nations, and

WHEREAS Pollard’s sentence of life imprisonment was harsher than those given to American Spies for the Soviet Union, and

WHEREAS Anne Pollard was given an unduly harsh sentence of five years imprisonment for relatively minor involvement in her husband’s activities, and despite her ill health,

The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

CALL UPON President Reagan to grant executive pardon to Anne and Jonathon Pollard,

APPLAUDS THE EFFORTS of the Chief Rabbis of Israel, and the letter of 70 Knesset members to President Reagan, and urges further efforts on behalf of the Pollards on the part of the Israeli government,

APPLAUDS THE EFFORTS of Israeli citizens on behalf of the Pollards,

CALLS UPON the American public to write to their congressman and senators to express their humanitarian concerns of the conditions under which the Pollards are being incarcerated, and to President Reagan and Attorney General Edwin Meese that Pardons be granted to the Pollards,

ENCOURAGES THE SUPPORT OF the organization “JUSTICE FOR THE POLLARDS” which seeks to keep the issue alive.

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