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On The Religious Community In Israel (1981)
RCA Proclaims That Legitimacy of a Jewish State Depends On The Jewishness of That State
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1981 -- The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

PROCLAIMS that the historical and political legitimacy for a Jewish State lies in the very Jewishness of that State, a religious concept that is inseparable from nationalist and patriotic feeling;

APPLAUDS recent acts of the Knesset in Israel placing the responsibility for personal affairs, including marriage, divorce and personal status, into the hands of the chief Rabbinate where it properly belongs;

DEPLORES attempts by heterodox groups within the American Jewish community to intimidate religious leaders responsible for maintaining the integrity of Halacha in the Jewish State, and to export to Israel very styles of religious life that have played into the hands of assimilation in the United States;

URGES the Rabbinate and the religious communities of Israel to be vigilant against those so-called religious denominations that have forsaken the path of Halacha, and have brought tragedy to the Jewish family and community in America, and who now seek to bring their doctrine to the Holy Land, under the guise of “religious rights”

CALLS UPON OUR BRETHREN Guardians of the Torah, the religious communities of Israel, to seek the implementation of Torah goals through peaceful means, and to restrain those among them who bring desecration to the Holy Name by acts of violence against others;

DENOUNCES as counter-productive, ludicrous and un-Jewish, those who would seek to protect religious values by rock- throwing and acts of violence; lo zu haderech!

CALLS UPON the Municipality of Jerusalem, and particularly its Mayor, Mr. Teddy Kollek, to safeguard the sanctity of the City and its historic importance to al Jews; to desist from offending the religious character of the City in the name of dubious progress; and to avoid bringing anguish or controversy to the City of Peace;

ENCOURAGES efforts by the Jewish Agency to screen shlichim, and to send to the United States and other Diaspora countries only those who are knowledgeable in and sensitive to, Judaism, its history and practice, the better to encourage Jews of the Diaspora to rediscover their identity. We have been embarrassed by the presence of individuals representing official agencies of Israel, whose ignorance of Judaism has been appalling;

TAKES NOTE of increased effort on the part of the Government of Israel toward the infusion of Jewish values in the educational system, and urges the government, despite economic and political crisis, to continue fullest support for ALL educational institutions in Israel, including religious institutions on a post-secondary level.

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