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Support For Israel (1981)
RCA Reaffirms Its Solidarity With The State of Israel
Policies Headlines
Jun 1, 1981 -- The Rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

PROCLAIMS its continued solidarity with the State of Israel, a visible sign of God’s Covenant and eternal promise to the Children of Israel;

SUPPORTS the aims of the State of Israel which are: to provide a secure homeland for Jews who wish to live there, on the land sacred to us by Biblical precept and by history, and to provide peace and protection for its citizens;

APPLAUDS the forthright and necessary steps undertaken by the State of Israel on 7 June 1981, to protect its citizens and the region from the clear and evident nuclear threat, taking military action which served the best interests of the world and humanity;

EXTENDS its greeting and blessing to the Government of the State of Israel, and, on the eve of a democratic election to be held there, prays that God guide His people and their chosen leaders, with His wisdom and favor;

CALLS UOPN THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE RABBINICAL COUNCIL to support the State of Israel and its people by all spiritual, political and financial means at their command; to pray regularly for its welfare, in our synagogues; to give full support to the United Jewish Appeal, Bonds for Israel, Jewish National Fund, as well as other worthy charitable and educational endeavors; to encourage by word and by example continued tourism to the Holy Land; and to urge Jewish young men and women to spend at least a year of their academic studies in Israel;

CALLS UPON RABBIS to encourage aliyah to Israel from the Diaspora; to institute an “aliyah Shabbat” annually to speak about and to further this aim; to celebrate the departure of families settling in Israel, by appropriate gatherings in their honor (i.e. Kiddush). It is suggested that Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha be designated in each community as “aliyah Shabbat” with appropriate sermonic reference.

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