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RCA 2008 Annual Convention in Chicago, IL, May 18th - 20th
Major topics to include American dissent from Israeli government policies, Brain Death and Organ Transplantation, and the GPS Network of Batei Din for Conversion
News Headlines
Apr 7, 2008 -- The RCA Annual Convention will take place from May 18th – 20th 2008 in Chicago IL, it was announced today. Hosted by the Mid-West region of the RCA, and joined by the leadership of the Skokie-based Hebrew Theological College, while co-chaired by Rabbi Jerold Isenberg and Rabbi Moshe Kushner, the event will combine in-depth Torah study for rabbis, opportunities for networking, relaxation, and touring downtown Chicago.

At the heart of the Convention will be a series of plenary and workshop sessions dedicated to wide-ranging discussion and exchange of views regarding a number of pivotal issues confronting the Jewish people today.

These will include the issue of American Jewish public dissent from policies of the Government of Israel. Events in recent years have propelled this issue to the forefront of American Jewish life, and the RCA leadership will seek to clarify the sentiments and attitudes of the membership at large.

Another critical topic, sure to be closely argued and discussed, will be brain death and organ transplantation. This in turn will impact on the status of the RCA's well known Health Care proxy. The subject has been under review for several years by the RCA's Vaad Halachah, and it is expected that its findings will be presented for discussion at the Convention. Recent events in the State of Israel related to the topic will heighten interest in this most significant issue, literally involving as it does matters of life and death.

A third major topic on the Convention agenda will be the RCA's new GPS Network of Batei Din for Conversion. Founded within the last year, the network continues to expand and strike roots in numerous communities around North America. Rabbis in attendance will explore ways in which to maximize their participation in the network.

For further information, and to register, you may call the RCA office at 212 807-9000, click here, or email David Hochhauser.

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